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Since 1992 Mark Leis, founder and principal of ARVDI Solutions, has been providing consulting services to the global real estate community. Below are the personal LinkedIn Recommendations and Comments made by customers, co-workers, and team collaborators. Mark is very proud of the relationships he has built over the years and greatly appreciates the time and effort his customers and associates have taken to share their experiences and opinions. These comments reflect the opinions of the individuals named and are not an endorsement by the companies they were associated with at the time the service was provided.

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Mark has extremely deep expertise in DCF analysis of real estate Assets, both from underwriting and ongoing asset management perspectives. He worked with us on a variety of projects over 2 years setting up a cash flow analysis platform for over 600 properties in Germany with an aggregate value of over Euro 5 billion. He is a joy to work with, a consultant that puts his heart (and experience!) into delivery. I would definitely work with him again should the opportunity arise.

Jason Wagner, SVP at Fortress Investment Group
Frankfurt, Germany


Mark is a detail oriented IT consulting professional. He has provided GE Real Estate many years of great service related to PROJECT, DYNA, and ARGUS!

Thomas Curtin, Managing Director at GE Capital Real Estate
Norwalk, CT

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Dewey Homes, Dewey Commercial Investors

I had the pleasure of working with Mark while I was at Brandywine Realty Trust and we were implementing the Argus Enterprise system. We worked together for about 2 years and his depth of real estate, accounting and financial analysis expertise never ceased to amaze me. Drawing on Marks broad range of experiences and his depth of technical knowledge, we were able to automate much of what had been a tedious and manual budget process in the past. His focus on improving productivity, along with his Excel and database skills, was invaluable. In addition, his SQL skills were extremely valuable during our Argus Enterprise implementation. Mark is a true professional and we could always count on him to get the job done. I would gladly work with him again and would not hesitate to recommend him to any friend, family member or co-worker.

Joseph Lebano, Director of Property Accounting at Brandywine, now Controller at Dewey Commercial Investors
Radnor, PA

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Brandywine Realty

I was a customer of Mark's from 2007 through 2009. He had deep knowledge of both databases and the commercial real estate industry and he always helped me get the answers I needed.

Philip Brown, Business Intelligence Architect at Brandywine Realty Trust
Radnor, PA

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Behringer Harvard

Mark's expertise with Argus Software and IT were invaluable as he helped my company out from the beginning of our needs to the end and beyond. He is extremely personable and we could always count on him to get the job done. I would gladly work with Mark again and I would recommend him to any friend, family or business partner. Mark is an exceptional person to work with.

Jordan August, Financial Analyst at Behringer-Harvard
Addison, TX

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Equity One

Mark is very knowledgeable of his work, understands what needs to be done and provides great solutions to accomplish these goals.

Michael Palhano, Lead Developer at Equity One
Miami, FL

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Mark's knowledge of IT and Real Estate processes make him an invaluable Consultant.

Cindy Singer, VP Asset Management, now CFO with Patriot Realty
Fairfax, VA

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Had an opportunity to work with Mark on my interface project with his software and I found him to be an excellent programmer and manager who was very much knowledgeable about the Domain, product and technology. With his expertise, we were able to finish off the project within the timelines. His knowledge about Macros is extremely good and he has helped me a lot in implementing VBA solutions. He has a pleasent personality which makes you very much comfortable to work with him. I wish him all the best in his career.

Ameya Karambelkar, Senior Team Lead with Yardi Software
Pune, India

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ARGUS Software

Comments of Colleagues at ARGUS Software


I have had the privilege of working with Mark for over 15 years. Mark's expertise in Commercial Real Estate Development, Portfolio Management and Finance uniquely compliment his technical capabilities for data management, reporting and integration making him a very valuable resource - transcending real estate and technology. Mark is an excellent team member and has tremendous work ethic. I would definitely recommend Mark to those needing his unique skill set and look forward to continuing to work with him on future endeavors.

Rick Schwartz, SVP - Global Consulting Services
Mount Laurel, NJ

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I have worked with Mark Leis for 13+ years in the consulting and software sector of commercial real estate. Mark is incredibly proficient in all aspects of commercial real estate analysis while at the same time being extremely competent in database architecture, structures and design. His knowledge of commercial real estate (budgeting, investing, financial analysis etc) and his fluency of database query language make him an excellent resource for developing solutions focused on data mining, process improvement and end to end data integration solutions. I have personally worked with Mark in numerous process improvement and data integration projects which took existing business cycles from weeks, sometimes months, and reduced them to days often resulting in fewer customer resources to support the process and significantly better data accuracy as additional benefits. One of Marks best assets is his ability to be several steps ahead when integrating data or designing solutions resulting in additional customer requirements being satisfied before their requests are even made exceeding customer expectations. Mark is one of the hardest working and capable individuals I have ever worked with.

Chad Belson, Sr. Manager Enterprise Solutions
Mount Laurel, NJ

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I have worked with Mark for the past 5 years, starting with TreeSoft and then at ARGUS Software. Mark is a hands-on analyst with a wealth of knowledge about the commercial real-estate industry and it's transactions. He has a deep understanding of how that data is captured and the ability to mine it for connections and relationships to provide value to our customers. Mark was the go-to guy when a customer needed to integrate their custom data with our solutions. Personable, competent, and dedicated, Mark has always been a pleasure to work with.

Cris Brady, Director of Product Development
Mount Laurel, NJ

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I have had the pleasure to work with Mark Leis for 10 years in the commercial real estate industry (treeSoft and Argus). Mark has incredible real estate expertise coupled with understanding of development and business processes. His combination of skills allows him to be very valuable and flexible to work on and assist on many projects at the same time. His overall knowledge in Real Estate systems is second to none and allows him to develop process and solutions to solve all real estate need. I highly recommend Mark for any project.

Vlad Starobinets, Senior Consultant
Mount Laurel, NJ

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I worked with Mark over several years, and on a number of significant projects with major real estate investors. He has an excellent understanding of the real estate sector, and of the IT and data challenges that the sector experiences. Mark is extremely thorough in the methods he uses to establish the business requirements of each client before setting out a viable solution or approach to tackle a particular project. He combines this with a great deal of practical experience and technical knowledge. Not only can he design the solution, but he also has the skills to delve into the technical aspects to solve problems as they arise. I would have no problem recommending Mark in any IT project.

Nick Matthews, Head of Client Services (EMEA)
London, England

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I recently worked with Mark for several years (2007-2009) on several consulting projects involving Asset Management (DYNA) and his intimate knowledge of the software, importing and the databases it uses has been invaluable in expediting the successful completion of every project. I would happily work with him in the future now that he has left ARGUS Software and founded his own consulting company.

Bob Gundel, Sr. Software Support Engineer
Houston, TX

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Comments of Past Colleagues at ARGUS Software

McKean Defense Group

I worked side by side with Mark for seven years, first at treeSoft then ARGUS Software. Mark was the primary "in the weeds" educator of my commercial real estate background, and his detailed data design was the basis for what is now the back-end database for ARGUS Enterprise, the next generation replacement of ARGUS DCF, DYNA and VALCAP. Mark shies away from no challenge when it comes to CRE data integration, and he has mastered the structures of most popular property management and analysis solutions available for the past 20 years. Mark was the brainchild behind the portfolio management tools used by treeSoft to manage the largest CRE databases on the planet, and he made "the impossible" happen on a regular basis with ARGUS and DYNA. At ARGUS, if there was a project than needed to unlock or integrate CRE data, Mark was the go-to resource every time. What Mark brings that so few others do is a real understanding of the CRE Financial Analysis, Projections and Property Management process. Adding this detailed background to the mix in an integration or reporting effort makes all the difference in getting the right _result_ the first time. Mark can communicate to Portfolio Managers in their language just as easily as he can work with the IT staff. I recommend him unequivocally for any CRE project.

Chris Brown, Senior VP of Development at ARGUS Software, now Senior Consultant at McKean Defense Group
Mount Laurel, NJ

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Berkadia Commercial Mortgage

I have worked with Mark Leis since 1994 at TreeSoft and Consulting and was his manager while at Argus Software. Mark is extremely proficient in all aspects of real estate and data integration involving Excel, Argus applications and property management systems. Mark was involved in projects I managed for large institutional clients and was responsible for handling customer requirements concerning complex modeling, movement of data to client proprietary systems which required accuracy and completion under tight deadlines. Mark is very dedicated to the needs of our clients and will always look to go beyond what is required. I am currently working with Mark on numerous projects and I would highly recommend him for any new engagements and projects.

Michael Mason, Director of Global Consulting Services, now with Berkadia Commercial Mortgage
Mount Laurel, NJ

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RDG Partners

I worked with Mark at Argus Software for two years. He was an big asset to the firm, and successfully completed challenging integration projects with major clients. His broad experience as a real estate accountant, broker and portfolio manger gives him a solid foundation for his new consulting practice. Mark is thoughtful, knowledgeable, calm and a pleasure to work with.

Robert Gray, Senior Vice President, Argus Software, now Principal with RDG Partners
Richmond, VA

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Anterra Technology

I had a great experience working with Mark at Argus Software. We worked specifically around SQL Server Reporting Services, from trouble-shooting issues to designing and writing SSRS reports. He is very knowledgeable in both the real estate and technology industry. He is professional, approachable, competent and wonderful to work with.

Marc Wong, Application Developer, now Technical Support Manager at Anterra Technology
Vancouver, Canada

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I had the pleasure of working with Mark at ARGUS and treeSoft. Mark has a wealth of corporate real estate knowledge that few can match. He is brilliant in applying this wisdom as a consultant and analyst in the development of powerful data warehouse analytic solutions for our corporate real estate software. He is dedicated, loyal, hard working individual whom I would be more than happy to work with in the future.

Mark Kerrane, Quality Engineering Automation Manager, now Sr. Software Engineer at Dial Connection
Mount Laurel, NJ

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Comments of Colleagues from TREE Software and Consulting, Bell Atlantic Properties and Coopers & Lybrand (now PWC)


Mark Leis is a very dedicated and intelligent person to work with. He was always very helpful and his positive attitude and work ethics were a great asset to the company. I would highly recommend Mark Leis.

Lisa Wise, Director of Atlas(TREESoft), now Manager of Valuation and Financial Services at GE Capital
Philadelphia, PA

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Mark is an expert systems integration specialist, with excellent knowledge of all software platforms utilized in the real estate industry. He assisted me countless times with special requests where complex macros and software code were required in creating and maintaining detailed financial projections on all types of properties (i.e. Land and Building Developments, office towers, shopping malls, multi-family, etc.). He would be an strong addition to any real estate company looking to improve their financial analysis, reporting, and asset management systems, particularly where systems integration requirements are desired.

Todd Bassman, Sr. Consultant-Financial Analysis, TREESoft, now a Principal at REF Consulting
Irvine, CA

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Lubert Adler

Mark is a very conscientious and creative individual who I had the great pleasure of working with in analyzing investment opportunities, as well as, managing a portfolio and budgeting responsibilities while working for a large institutional real estate company. His honesty and integrity in his work were top notch.

Jay Slovin, Manager of Investments, Bell Atlantic Properties, now a VP at Lubert Adler
Philadelphia, PA

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O'Neill Properties

I worked with Mark for several years while employed by Verizon (formerly Bell Atlantic Properties). I found Mark to be brilliant in everything he does. He was able to analyze complex transactions through the use of sophisticated software so as to help us make effective decisions. And he made it look easy, even though it wasn't! Now Mark has his own company and I would urge you to tap into his mind, since it could benefit you tremendously. I know I am in line to get Mark over to my company, since I am confident he will benefit us significantly.

Brian Kroker, Vice President- Finance, Verizon, now VP Asset Management and Operations at O'Neill Properties
Philadelphia, PA

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BPG Propertiese

I have known Mark for many years. Mark's work in reporting, valuation and data integration is excellent. He enjoy's a strong reputation in the industry and I would strongly endorse his services.

Joseph G. Nahas, Jr., CRE VP at Bell Atlantic Properties, now VP at BPG Properties
Philadelphia, PA

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Mark is an innovative real estate consultant who worked with me on several equity lease analyses and subsequent negotiations involving Headquarters office buildings for companies in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh in the mid 1980s. I was impressed by Mark's analytical skills and his ability to take complex data and use computer modeling to drive cost effective business decisions.

Stephen Sieke, Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers, now SVP at Serco, Inc.
Philadelphia, PA

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